Origin: Tabanan, Bali

Salak Concentrate

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Salak Concentrate

Have a taste of a the first ever Watu Salak Vinegar. Made from 100% snake fruit juice from Wanagiri Village, Tabanan, Bali. We absorb the abundance of snake fruit commodity and innovate it into a vinegar you can enjoy. Watu Salak Vinegar contains the ‘mother’ — a group of protein, enzymes, and friendly bacteria — which acts like probiotics and gives the product a cloudy appearance. 
- Acetic acid content similar to Apple Cider Vinegar
- May aid in Fat Loss
- Help lowers Blood Sugar
Weight : 250ml
Petunjuk Pemakaian
1. Detox - 1 Tsp on glass of water
2. Salad Dressings
3. Add acidity to your food
4. Use for Marination