Exploring One of Bali’s Hidden Gem: Talasi Estate at Gadungan, Bali

By talasi Patricia -- February 27, 2023


A Little Bit About Desa Gadungan, Bali

Being one of Talasi’s Origins, Desa Gadungan is a traditional village located in the southeastern part of the island of Bali. It’s a beautiful and tranquil agricultural village, surrounded by terraced fields and green hills, and is known for its Balinese cultural heritage, of which the locals are very proud. You may expect to encounter authentic Balinese culture here in Desa Gadungan, from traditional dances and music performed during festivals and ceremonies, to beautiful temples and shrines dedicated to various Hindu gods adorned with intricate carvings and paintings.

A hidden gem in Bali that is well worth a visit, you can experience the traditional way of life and cultural heritage of this village and enjoy the beautiful scenery, as well as the hospitality of the locals that is unique to Bali, Indonesia here in Desa Gadungan.



Local Commodities to Try

Aside from its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, Desa Gadungan is known for its finest commodities: coffee, cocoa, snake fruits, and arenga. These commodities are not only delicious, but they also play an essential role in the local economy.

Talasi takes these commodities to the next level by further processing them into high-quality coffee beans, cocoa, snake fruit vinegar, and arenga nectar syrup.



The coffee beans, which include Arabica and Robusta varieties, are roasted to perfection, resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. These beans are processed to unleash their potential flavors, with the efforts of everyone involved, from the farmers to Talasi’s team, at the heart of our Origin at Desa Gadungan, Bali.

We work closely with local farmers and carefully select the highest quality cocoa to ensure that we provide you with the freshest and most premium cocoa directly from its origin.

The snake fruit vinegar, made from the juicy flesh of the snake fruits, is a unique and tangy addition to any dish. These fruits are abundant in Desa Wanagiri, not that far from our Estate in Desa Gadungan, Bali. With our innovation, we help the local farmers by absorbing the commodity and adding value to it.

Our arenga nectar syrup is crafted using unadulterated arenga sap sourced from Tabanan, Bali. Through our process, it has a reduced glycemic index, rendering it a more wholesome, flavorful, and eco-friendly alternative to refined sugar.

By purchasing Desa Gadungan’s coffee, snake fruit, and arenga products, not only do you enjoy the finest products this village has to offer, but you also support the local economy and community. So why not give them a try?



Our Estate at the Origin

Talasi Estate at Gadungan, Bali is committed to bringing the best of Desa Gadungan to you by supporting and empowering the local people through ethical practices based on Talasi’s Five Es Theory. Aside from that, we are also embracing the sustainability of the environment by processing our products with green technology.

One of the unique aspects of our production process is the use of the Dome Dryer to dry the raw materials. This hand-made dryer is made with local materials and is low-cost, making it accessible to the local community. The best part? It runs on solar energy, so it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t depend on electricity.


Experiencing Talasi Estate at Gadungan Bali

To say that Desa Gadungan is one of Bali’s hidden gems that should be put on your visit list is not at all an exaggeration. This beautiful village offers beautiful scenery, cultural heritage, high-quality single-origin coffee, and snake fruit products. By supporting Talasi at Gadungan, you contribute to sustainable and environmental friendly economic practices.

Come and see our practices here at our Estate right from the Origin and contribute towards a greater good. You are always welcome here at Talasi Estate at Gadungan, Bali and we cannot wait to have you here on our Estate.

Book your visit and explore Talasi Estate at Gadungan, Bali with us.


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How can I contribute? How do we create a better livelihood? How can we use the abundant natural resources and add more value to their lives. This was my purpose calling and I have spent my adult life in the business of adding value to Indonesian natural resources. 

After a few days in Sumba, I was reenergized and felt the urge to start a new journey. This new endeavor will be different. This time I intended to bring more power to the smallholders and farmers in creating a sustainable chain that can give value and impact on their lives. And I named this enterprise Talasi which in sanskrit depicts trees that always bear flowers, fruits and new leaves, and a sweet fragrance or cornflower in Latin America.

Talasi is about exploring and discovering the potential in the obscurity. Talasi is about setting up and operating at the Origin. Talasi is about working with the community, providing them with knowledge, skills and tools. Investing at the grassroots level and connecting the chain to sustain and maintain nature while enhancing livelihoods. With the end game of empowerment to the people of the land.

With the creation of our premium honest brands, Watu and Toye across food and natural ingredient products, everyone can be part of this vision with each purchase in support of the same values and mission to empower the grassroots communities.

We will soon complete our full facilities and retreat in Sumba which is currently roasting our Watu cashews. And our Batukaru Talasi Retreat, Bali opened earlier this year with Flores next in line.

I am excited about what the future holds for “the Origin” and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my personal humble invitation to each and everyone you to visit us and “Experience Talasi”.

Let’s discover the Origin,
Alisjahbana Haliman